SWLFC Reserves 2019/20 Review
Friday 15th May 2020 (617 Views)


Friday 15th May 2020 (Match Date)

SWLFC Reserves – 19/20 Season Summary

Manager Kyle Wright rounds up the campaign....

The 2019 off season was an exciting, for me especially, taking over my first senior team, and seeing the fantastic turnouts we had for our senior trials filled all the senior coaches with excitement, and rightfully so.

The team we settled on was made up of a lot of players from last year’s Reserves,U18s and U16s, and the other half of new players coming to the club, and some who were returning to the club after spending some time away, so all in all, the reserve team was pretty much a brand new team, one from scratch, but a very exciting one.

Our first game of the season, Vs Harworth, was a learning curve for us all. First half we were fantastic, playing some great football, however we would go on to lose that match, a few lapses in concentration costing us that day. We got our first win the week after against Socrates, then went on a very difficult run where we played Dronfield twice and AFC Doncaster once. The game against AFC Doncaster, while it was a loss, was a great performance from the girls, and drew a lot of plaudits from the opposition management team, and showed we were moving in the right direction.

We then went on a great run winning 5 of our next 6, the only loss coming in the Krukowski Cup against a very good Sheffield FC Development team, and that was a narrow 2-1 loss. During this run we turned in one of our best performances of the season when we beat at the time league leaders Millmoor Juniors 3-2. We played some fantastic stuff that day, and the goals were brilliant!

The last 4 games of the season were very turbulent with two losses to the very same Millmoor we had beat, one in the league and one in the cup. This took a toll on the team, but the game after, while this was only a draw Vs Handsworth, felt like a very big turning point for us with two new signings making their first starts, Charlotte Howe in midfield and Chelsea Brittle in the net.

Our final game was vs Oughtibridge, who we had a lot of history with, due to no less than 7 of our players playing for Oughtibridge last season in one way or another. 5 brilliant goals, a clean sheet, a true team performance, a very exciting performance. It seemed like we were going to use this game to springboard us forward and possibly, with the fixtures we had left, and the other top teams, could have made a good run at trying to get the third spot, and I have no doubt, we would have pushed til the end to try and get it.

All in all, I found this season to be a huge learning curve for me, and the team, but one that we will improve a lot because of. It’s an exciting team to be in charge and it’s very exciting to look forward to what we can potentially do together, and what some of these players will go on to do.

I want to thank all our supporters, families, and helpers for supporting us throughout the season. Big thank you to Lee South, our U18s manager, who has helped me a lot throughout the season on game days, and also Stuart Hamblett, who began helping towards the end of the season.

The biggest thanks every single one of the players who has represented us this year, a fantastic group, and hopefully not the end of our journey together so thank you to; Laura, Chelsea, Lisa, Jodie, Rebecca, Ellie, Dina, Kelsey, Michaela, Molly, Charlotte, Hannah R., Abbie, Chloe, Courtney, Kelly, Danni, Brooke, Olivia, Hannah J. and Emily.

Well done everyone... UTO! #oneteam

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